Monday, July 30, 2012

Yikes!! It's been months...

Yes I'm a naughty little girl...  It all started with a lack of mojo, then school holidays, then life got in the way, then school holidays again, and life is slowly getting back to normal.
I do at least take photo's of my cards as I make them, I just don't seem to be able to sit down and post about them.

Here's what I have been creating since my last post.

March's cards

for Moses
for Autumn

for Jeremy
for Tiana


 April's cards

Easter box class
for Nichol

May's cards

for Matthew

for my mum

for Avril

for Duncan

for Anthony
for Isaac
June's cards

There's lots here...

for Barbara (my MIL)

for Justin
customer order - female 40th

customer order - baby boy
for Kaysha
for Beau
I love this card so I made another!

for Nicholas - our new nephew

for Janette
I have a girlfriend who's business is making Nappy Cakes - check out here Face Book page here and she asked me to knock up a few cards for her to sell at her market stalls, so I did, 30 odd of them!

I also took part in a Christmas in July card swap.

This is the card I made;

These are the cards I received in return;

Kari Hughes

Michelle Halling

Christie Kunckle
Carol Galea
Rachel Capps
Dani Holland

 These were the cards we made in my Christmas in July card class, 5 of each design.

As has become tradition, the Creative Stamper had another holiday get together. 

Here's my card;

and these are the others I made, created by;

Michelle LeBreton

Carol Galea

Belinda Hennesy

Dawn Ferguson

Sara DiSanti

Rachel Capps


Joanna Wassens

 See I have been busy and not slackening off.... Really!

If you'd like details about any of these cards, please don't hesitate to contact me.