Tuesday, August 9, 2011

The Three Sisters

What on earth posses someone to willingly go to Katoomba in the middle of winter? Well Christmas in July of course.  We stayed at The Carrington hotel and enjoyed their Yulefest celebration.  If you love old buildings with authentic creaky floors, stair cases and an old fashioned lift - with the sliding gate door, this place is for you.  It had so much character.
We couldn't book into our room until 2pm so we left home early on Saturday morning and took the girls to see The Three Sisters. No surprisingly they weren't really interested, other than the walk we took on one of the trails. 

They did however, like Scenic World, riding the Skyway and Cableway and don't forget the Railway.  The girls loved running along the Walkway and squeezing between the trees in the board walk. 

Here's some of my favourite pics of the weekend.
The Three Sisters
Zoe & Emily at the look out
Emily squeezing between the trees - because you just do in fur!

Zoe in her squeezing between the trees tiara!
Point 2 is the reason for this photo.

My family.  Emily, Zoe and Robert ready on the Railway

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