Tuesday, January 18, 2011

December Rundown

2nd December
The girls had their Christmas concert at daycare. Lots of singing and dancing by the kids, and laughter and tears of laughter from the parents. Did we take photos, yes, are they any good, no! Too much jumping around and once the kids are in costume, you can't tell who's who. It was great fun though.

4th December
Happy 6th Birthday Kristian. Krissy had a visit from Spiderman at his party, and both girls were trashed afterwards. They had a great time. I (of course) made Krissy a card, but alas, didn't take a photo of it!

6th December
Happy 6th Birthday Matthew. Our nephew Matty gets so excited when he gets pressies in the post, so we posted his pressie and card down to him. Needless to say, another card with no photo.

7th December
Happy Birthday Andrew. My brother and his family live 1 1/2 hours down the coast, so i not only posted his son's card and pressie (see above), but his as well. And as I was on a roll, so no photo of the card!
9th December
As you may have read in previous posts, Emily does Cheerleading, and the end of the year concert is always a treat. This year was awesome. It was held at the Parramatta Riverside Theatre. Because of the proper theater seating (each row behind higher than the one in front), everyone could see each performance. Whilst I have no photo's of the concert itself (no flash photography allowed).

10th December
Emily had her Daycare graduation. Wow! When did she grow up! This photo was taken mid year when school photos were taken, but it's just toooo cute to not show you.

25th December
MERRY CHRISTMAS!! We had the family at our place this year. For lunch there were 9 adults and 3 kids. By dinner, Rob's family had left (5 adults and 1 child) and my brothers family arrived (2 adults and 3 kids). Although it was awesome day, it was not a quiet one, not was that night with our house sleeping 6 adults and 5 kids!

Happy Birthday Alissa. My girlfriend Alissa shares her birthday with the little baby Jesus (same day - different years). Of all my friends, hers is the one I never forget. What I did forget, was to post her birthday card. Have I done it yet? No, it's still in my craft room. Sorry :(

26th December
Peace - well sort of! Mum and Dad headed home and Andrew, Nicole and the kids headed off with them for a few days 'holidays'!

27th December
Up to mum and dads for the day - because we hadn't seen enough of them over the last day and a half!
31st December
Caught up on tome TV watching, missed the early fire works on TV and knew there was no way I'd make it to midnight, so toddled off to bet and was fast asleep by 10pm. HAPPY NEW YEAR!!


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