Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Holiday Get Together

Each school holidays, my Upline Joanna has a get together at her house for the Creative Stampers team. Whilst the kids play outside, the mums play inside. The rules of our game: bring a card in a box! A card in a box is all the supplies needed to make your chosen card, for each person in a box. The box gets passed around until everyone has made everyone else's card.

Here is my card
The following cards were designed by;
Sue Brown
Marium Fuente
Belinda Hennessey
The above photo is the outside of Belinda's card and the photo below is the inside.
Where possible I have linked each of the names to their blogs, so you can check out what and ubber talented group of ladies they are.
Most of the cards had one or more products from the Summer Mini Catalogue, so hopefully you have been inspired to get creative!

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